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HORU May 31, 2015

"I think that it's very important to remember who you are. My grandmother was a polish Jew and my mom's side has German and English and Native American so, you know, half my side of the family tried to kill the other side, nothing wrong with that right? But I think we should take a look at everything that we are and try and embrace it, you know? I go to pow-wows, I burn sage, and I'd really like to go to a reservation one day. I've gone to church with my mom's side of the family, but I've never been to synagogue, unfortunately. I'd like to learn some languages, eat the food, travel to Europe and see England and Ireland and all those places too."
"How do you think being from all these different backgrounds has changed you?
"I don't know if it has changed me. I'd like to think that maybe just being so many things makes me more inclined to be open with people and accepting of certain things. My grandfather was half Native American, half African American and then my dad's mom was straight Polish, so I got a little bit of everything in me going on."

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