HORU May 4, 2015

"When I met my fiancé, I was kind of lost, didn't really know what to do. I wasn't in school at the time, but right before I met her I was considering going back to school and she helped push me and she helped me financially as well to return to school. So three years later, I graduated from a community college, and then I transferred here.
When I met her, I really liked her, and I'd been in other summer flings and relationships before, which never really worked out. And I think it's because I didn't have any direction and I wasn't motivated to do anything. So I really wanted to make sure this relationship lasted. I was kind of motivated to push myself to show her that I had something to bring to the relationship, and something to offer her so we could have a future together. She's one of the only people that is going to support me emotionally; my parents help me a lot, but they have their own problems, they have their own issues, they're working and still trying to raise up my younger brother. They can't be there all the time. My fiancé's someone I can lean on, and really go to for emotional support. We're getting married next year."

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