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HORU May 7, 2015

"I recently went to a festival with my mother and we were racially harassed by a man. And it was such an impactful moment because I've never experienced that and you hear about it, but I had never actually experienced it. And I'm not gonna lie, we were going back and forth and I was getting angrier and angrier because I just didn't understand. He ended up telling us that if we left our car that he'd do something to it, so as we were leaving, my mom told the man 'Go to hell.'
Next thing I know, he stumbles backwards and falls. But before he fell, he said, 'The only way I'm going to hell is if you meet me there,' and he falls. We're about to drive off and I see that we're being recorded by bystanders, so I roll my window down to see what's going on. A lady comes up to us and tells me that she saw us arguing, but that the man was having a seizure. We ended up waiting there, praying for him for 30-40 minutes. But he was pronounced dead on the scene.
Our last words to this man were 'Go to hell,' so for one moment, we were both the same level of evil. If I could spread any message, it would be to watch your words. It's hard, and I've thought about it for the past couple of days, but you really can't let negativity bring you down; especially to a point where you match that negativity."

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