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HORU June 29, 2015

"I had a rough childhood. Coming from a bad town, growing up around poverty, I kind of realized that I don't want to have my kids grow up like that and I didn't want to have to grow up like that anymore, so I moved out. I wanted to be different from the kids that are over there because, you know, they didn't necessarily go to college. They may have went to high school, they may have dropped out, went to jail, done drugs, you know, in the streets. And I looked at that, and that's not for me. So I kind of used that as motivation.
Honestly, there are some people that I've grown up with who are still in the streets not doing well and they see me when I come back and visit and they ask how I'm doing and what I've been doing and I tell them, you know, playing sports in college, studying this and that, and they say now they want to go back to school and, you know, I have some younger kids look up to me too so that keeps me going. And it kind of puts pressure on my shoulders to have people looking up to me, so I know I can't fail, I can't let them down. And I definitely can't let myself down."

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