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HORU July 13, 2015

"I'm worried that people now rely too much on technology. Originally, the web was set up so that people could share papers as a way of getting around all of the differences in operating systems they had back then. Now, they want to do everything online. I can't imagine for instance, personally, teaching a poetry class online. I think that if you couldn't look into the other people's eyes and see the response, you would lose a great deal. And I know the push for things like this, registering online, this and that, some of it gets rid of what was once tedious work, but it starts to lose some of the personal quality that goes in. You know, the idea of hearing my favorite professor, this fellow named Denis Donoghue, this guy from Ireland; He had this wonderful voice and he would spit out long sentences. That would be completely lost online. It was the drama of being in the room with him, and it helped you to be a better writer, just to experience something like this. And I'm worried that we're going to lose that."

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