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Experiences you’ll have during your first week at Rutgers

Well you made it, the first week of school has come and gone just as quickly as it arrived this year, leaving students with a flurry of unread Sakai announcements higher than the score of the Norfolk State game. As the streets of New Brunswick settle, and the tables at the University libraries gain the populace that hotspots like Easton Avenue once had, fall semester truly begins its onset. Albeit still early in the year, Inside Beat knows that even the most studious seek refuge from an especially tedious homework assignment. Procrastinate with us as we recount the things you may have experienced during your first week at the Rut.

The Anticipation

An “A” might be the letter grade you strive for in all of your courses this semester, or it might have followed the word “Bar” this summer, aka just about every 21 year old Scarlet Knight’s favorite place to drink this summer (let’s just admit we all saw each other regardless of whether we said hi or not). Whether we’re talking about grades or seaside sipping spots, “A” now heads the word “anticipation,” the most prominent of emotions that you feel as syllabus week begins. The mini fridge in your room holds a 30, and your thoughts of hitting the books have been pushed to the next week, a change in schedule that might not be reflected on your syllabus, but this week? You’re the professor, and you’ve cancelled class.

The Buses

If you already thought you were close with you fellow peers, chances are you got a lot closer this past week. Students are packed in buses like sardines and probably smelled like them too. "Please stand behind the white line while the bus is in motion." Survival mode kicked in, and you watched yourself in disbelief as you shoved a couple backpacks and threw a few elbows to gain a spot on that EE. "Please stand behind the white line while the bus is in motion." Chances are you waited at a bus stop so long that halfway through the wait you realized you probably could have just walked to your destination. "Please stand behind the white line while the bus is in motion." The good news is, it will get better — probably. "Please stand behind the white line while the bus is in motion"

Mixed Drinks & Mixed Feelings

You’ve said goodbye to your friends from home and have been reunited with your best friends. After roaming sweaty basements, searching for ratio or, alternatively, being petitioned to be someone else’s ratio, you’re realizing just how exhausting a week of pounding cans and shot gunning can be. After spending the summer at home, you inevitably feel a melancholy pang as you begin to miss your parents. You remind yourself to call them before doing anything with your friends tonight and relay that intramurals are going well when they ask. Who knew beer pong was your sport?

The Game Day Rally

You wake up in last night’s makeup and next to a half-eaten piece of pizza in bed, bemoaning the fact that smoky eye never looks just as good as chicken bacon ranch tastes the next day. Is bed pizza gross? Rhetorical question, obviously.

You replace last night’s tall boy with a tall glass of water, and raise it to the brave souls now tailgating in bathrobes next door (it’s 8 a.m.), and to those carrying their high heels home in hand -— lesson learned that stilettos and sidewalks don’t quite complement one another like tequila and lime. It’s time to slap your Rutgers hat atop your bedhead and shield your eyes with sunglasses, chicken tenders await at High Point Solutions Stadium.

The Final Score

You’re not really sure how you managed to stand in the blazing heat through quarter after quarter of football. Maybe it was the Bud “Water” (it is Light enough) everyone handed you in the parking lot or maybe it was the cheeseburger for a meal swipe, but now it’s time to touchdown in your bed for several hours. Will you make it out tonight under Saturday night (party) lights to defeat the final round of syllabus week evenings? Sure you will. But you’re going to do it in sneakers tinged Raritan clay red and a sweaty Rutgers game day shirt. After all, everything looks better in red. We hope you enjoyed your first week at the University just as much as we did here at Inside Beat.

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