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HORU September 18, 2015

"A lot of the time, we get marginalized by concepts that limit us to a certain sort of characteristic based on our gender or our race, where we were raised, or our environment and things like that. But those things that limit us in saying 'You can't do something because you're this, or you can't be someone because you're that. You can't dance like this, act like this, pray like this because you happen to be this way;' it's that recognition that actually makes me understand that I can. I definitely can. And who's anyone to say that I can't? I feel like humility is very important. You should be a humble person. But right next to that humility, you need to be confident. And not confident in a pompous way, and not confident in an 'I think I'm the shit' way, or 'I think I'm better than you.' It's confident in the sense that you know that no one is better than you, and no one is under you. So you're just doing you to the fullest. And what we don't like a lot of the time, in our culture, is for people to be confident. When people truly understand their talents and want to show it forth, they get held back because they don't want to be called a kiss-ass or stuck up or showoff. But when you know yourself and you have this love for yourself, why not? The world is a better place because we're so different and because we're so talented and beautiful, externally and internally. So why not add that beauty to the world?"

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