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HORU September 7, 2015

"I grew up with my family, and mostly my mom, taking me to church and teaching me those values. She didn't force it on me or anything like that, but as I grew up I started getting more interested in it on my own. I started reading the bible myself just to see how I felt about it, and it just resonated with me so I stuck with it. I got baptized and everything as a baby too, but when I was around 14, I got re-baptized on my own. It's funny because my mom's family isn't religious at all, but as she got older she just decided to start going to church. And for me, it just always stood out as something special, because I see her as a good person and as a good role model with all the things she does in life. And whenever you ask her about it, she says it's because of her religion or her beliefs. So I always aspired to be like that."

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