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Inside Beat Paper Fortune Teller Drinking Game


While Halloween sounds super fun in theory, we all know that between all the costume planning and party organizing, the only thing you really want to do by the end of Halloweekend is black out with a giant bottle of wine and bag of candy while watching "Hocus Pocus." But Inside Beat is here to remind those that are 21 and over, that this holiday only comes once a year, so it’s time to jump into that costume you’ve had planned for this day since last month, and grab your friends for a pre-game that will leave you buzzed enough to endure the crowded bars and frat basements.

We’re transporting you back to your middle school days and bringing you the old school origami fortune teller mixed in with a Halloween version of Kings. Make sure to have your choice of alcohol poured and ready, with extra supplies for those refills.


Cut out Inside Beat's Halloween Paper Fortune Teller along the perforated lines and fold it like a fortune teller. Pick 1 of 4 Halloween symbols, like Pumpkin, and spell it out — P-U-M-P-K-I-N — as you open and close the fortune teller. Choose a number from the options in front of you, and open and close the fortune teller that many times. Finally, choose a number from the options in front of you, open the flap and follow the rule written underneath it. 

  1. Take a shot for every person dressed as a cat, anything in the cat family or anyone who threw on ears or a tail and called it a costume.
  2. List as many horror movie titles as you can in 10 seconds, drink if you repeat one.
  3. Start with a word and try to create a horror story by going around in a circle and adding to it, one word at a time. Whoever laughs first, drinks.
  4. Name one thing that isn’t pumpkin spice-flavored, drink if you name something that already is.
  5. Go around and name a lyric from a classic Halloween song, drink if you hesitate and ruin the flow.
  6. Monster Mix: take someone else’s drink and mix it with yours, chug for five seconds.
  7. Act out a villain from a scary movie, the first person to guess it right is safe, everyone else drinks.
  8. Pick your BOO: Choose a partner who drinks with you every time you drink. But before you both take a shot, you have to yell BOO, if you don't, drink again.

Brenda Stolyar

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