Spook up your look with these sultry Halloween makeup ideas


Inside Beat knows that the spookiest monsters on campus have come in the form of spine-chilling midterm exam. Thankfully, it’s time to take a break and celebrate, because the long-awaited Rutgers Halloweekend is finally upon us!

If you’ve been spending most of your nights at Club Alex and haven’t had the time to throw together a costume, we’ve got some creative do-it-yourself makeup ideas that will have you looking festive in no time. No need to go on a last-minute Party City run or place a rush Amazon order — you can create these looks in your own bathroom with a little imagination and basic makeup supplies that you probably already have!

Wild Cheetah Print

This feline-inspired look can either act as a subtle complement to a simple costume, or a glamorously chic fashion statement — and the best part is, it’s super easy to create it yourself.

What You’ll Need: Skin tone foundation or eyeshadow primer, fine-tip or liquid black eyeliner, small makeup brush, brown eyeshadow, gold eyeshadow and gold glitter eyeshadow (optional)

Step 1: The Base
Apply an eyeshadow primer or foundation to your eyelid for a base tone, this will make the hues of the eyeshadow pop. Follow with a generous application of gold eyeshadow by adding gold glitter to the crease of your eye for a luminous highlight. Blend the shadow smoothly. 

Step 2: Cheetah Spots
This step requires a steady hand, so don’t hesitate to ask a friend to help you! Use your fine-tip or liquid eyeliner to draw cheetah spots on your eyelid. We recommend applying minimal pressure and making the spots evenly spaced for an authentic cheetah pattern. To create the spots, draw loose C-shaped designs in different directions — the more imperfect, the better!

Step 3: Define The Spot
To complete the look, use your smallest makeup brush and dab a small touch of matte brown eyeshadow in the center of each cheetah spot. If you’re looking to accentuate this look, you can frame your eye with black wingtip eyeliner on the tops of your lids and waterline. Apply mascara for a finishing touch!

Supernatural Spider Web

Make a dramatic statement with this creepy, crawly look. This gothic spider-web design can be the perfect festive makeup idea for any costume party!

What You’ll Need: Fine-tip or liquid black eyeliner

Step 1: Line Your Eye
Start by using your fine-tip or liquid eyeliner to draw a heavy black wingtip on the top of your lids. To draw a clean wingtip, sweep your line from the inner corner of your eye to the outer corner while keeping your eyelid as flat as possible. For a perfect wing, you can imagine a diagonal line pointing out at a 45-degree angle from your outer corner, you can even use clear tape for guidance.

Step 2: Create The Web
Draw the spider web design using your liquid eyeliner. Start at the top of your crease, so the design will be visible even when your eyes are open. With a steady hand, draw four or five diagonal lines, resembling the spokes of a wheel, on the tops of your lids towards your brow bone. The lines should be shorter toward the inner eye and progressively longer toward the outer. Don’t be afraid to extend the lines upwards or downwards based on the depth of your eyelids! Complete the cobweb by connecting the lines in a loose U-shape.

Step 3: Add A Spider
We’re almost done! Add a spider on the side of your eye by filling a black circle for the head, a larger black circle for the body and eight legs. If you’re feeling particularly festive, you could connect the spider to your cobweb, or even add eyes with white pencil — add your own personal touch to your creepy crawling creature.

We at Inside Beat love to see all your unique designs! When you’re done, don’t forget to tweet a picture to us and share your spooky look by tagging @Daily_Targum and using the hashtag #InsideBeat and #DTHalloween to enter our Halloween contest! 

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