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HORU October 5, 2015

"About a year ago, as my friends were getting jobs and getting experience in the workforce and as life was moving on ahead of me, I was so afraid that I would be judged for not having a job myself, or not getting an internship or not getting out there in the adult world. I was so, so scared of taking the next step. And last year, I was actually about to get a job myself, but then I chickened out of calling for an interview. I didn't want to change my life because I was so much in my comfort zone. Well it happened again more recently and all I had to do was call in, and I didn't do it. But I finally built the courage when my dog got sick. He had an infection in his liver which we thought was cancer at the time. The treatment cost around $2,000 and even more for testing and all that. My family and I were gathering all the money we could and I felt very useless in the situation as I had no money because I was unemployed. So while I was in the doctor's office, I walked out of the room and that's when I made the call to ask for the interview. And within a week I got the job. And that's when I found out my dog was alright and that it was just an infection. I'm not a religious person, more spiritual I guess, but it just seemed so special and in place for my dog to get better right as I got that job. That was really the final step for me transitioning into who I am today."
- Secrets from the Sole

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