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Turn up your mischief night with these tricks


Once a year can we can see Dracula and Wonder Woman share a drink together, but preceding this event is a night designated to causing as much trouble as possible. It takes many names, but New Jersey natives most commonly refer to it as Mischief Night. Ditch the eggs and toilet paper, here are 15 new pranks you can pull to cause the most mischief this year.

  1. Turn your battery saver mode on when you hit 90 percent. 

  2. If a friend asks you to put their sandwich in the microwave for 25 seconds, put it in for 26. 

  3. Go to Chipotle and ask for your meal to go, but sit down and eat it in the restaurant. 

  4. If somebody tells you to have a good day, make sure you have a bad day. 

  5. If you have a 500-word essay due, carefully edit it down to 499.         
  6. On Halloween night, place an empty bowl outside your front door with a sign that reads "please take one."    

  7. If you have six items, make sure you go into the five items or fewer lane. 

  8. Read through all the terms and conditions to discover they are perfectly agreeable and acceptable, but press no anyway.  
  9. If Rutgers sends you an "AUTOMATED EMAIL MESSAGE: DO NOT REPLY," make sure you reply. 

  10. Pay the cashier for your food at the first window in the drive-thru, but speed past the second without grabbing it. 
  11. If you’re using a computer in Alexander Library, shut it down when you’re done so the next person has to wait for it to start up. 
  12. Drive at exactly the speed limit or slower. 

  13. If you haven’t bought anything, make sure to use the bathroom if the sign says "customers only."  

  14. When your instincts tell you to improve your life and study for your midterms, ignore them. 

  15. If you find yourself addicted to causing mischief now, please begin exercising daily to generate entropy and quicken the heat death of the universe.                                  

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