College students take on world’s challenges

Opinion Column: The Scarlet Trotter

We all know that college kids, at first glance, may not be the smartest tools in the shed. We eat eight boxes of pizza at night, make completely horrendous excuses for not going to class — and when we do go, our minds are able to be occupied with hours and hours of BuzzFeed posts and remixes of the meow cat song.

We have always been seen as some of the most underrated individuals of the world. It seems as if the only thing we are good for are our drinking habits, eating habits and sleeping habits — or lack thereof.

But out of nowhere, sense comes to mind and we immediately become the smartest kids on the planet. Whether it is making snowboards out of trays from Brower (we miss them, bring them back please) or 1,500-word essays on books we never read, we are the underdogs of the world.

It shouldn't be a surprise that come this weekend, the blizzard will bring out the best that our college minds have to offer.

Forget about being snowed in the whole weekend. College kids take this kind of thing as a challenge. We will not be stopped by small obstacles such as 18 inches of full on blizzard fueled ice and snow. Blizzard? What blizzard? When we hear Jonas Brothers, we crank up the volume. It might be freezing out there, but it is burnin' up in here.

There is something to be said about being resourceful, ladies and gentlemen. Because isn't that the real gift taught in college? We make do with what we have, and more importantly, the time we have. Four years is just a sliver of time that we have in comparison with the rest of our lives. We make the most of our time, friends, experiences and lessons here. Not only that, but we use everything that we have gained at university and translate it into the real world. That is what makes us the smartest people in the world, that is what sets us apart from other individuals and that, my friends, is what makes us the best generation around.

No matter what the news and media form to be the popular belief and perception of college kids nowadays, know that we gain some of the strongest potential in the world. We will take the world by storm, and we will have fun doing it. So be you, college kids. Be you, be the lit kids you are and enjoy some of the best years of your life, right here in this fine institution.

Biya Haq is a School of Arts and Sciences senior majoring in communications with a minor in digital communication, information and media. Her column, "The Scarlet Trotter," runs on alternate Fridays.


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