HORU January 2, 2016

"Next semester here at Rutgers, I'm going to be doing a psychology research experiment where I'll be testing the ideas of political ideology and the related fears of dying. One of the things I've found out already is that following September 11th, the approval rating for George W. Bush went up to about 98% as compared to a few weeks before, where he was in the 50's and 40's. And it shows that while people said they were democrat and voted for Al Gore and had liberal ideas, with the perceived threat that we all face as a nation, we go toward being less rational and more emotional in that sense. Even with career democrat politicians like Hilary Clinton, they vote to go to war with Iraq because of our perceived threat. So what I'm studying now is the effects of this in relation to Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders. And that will cover specific, conservative ideas like social issues, how devoutly religious they are, how far along they are in terms of authoritarian levels, and where they lie on the political spectrum in regards to the overall anxiety of death. When people are reminded of death, liberals become more liberal, and conservatives become more conservative. But the shift is much, much stronger for those who are conservative."

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