HORU January 29, 2016

"I went to 'Nerd Camp' for many summers; an educational summer camp. Before I had gone, I had this very awful, Hollywood idea of what it meant to be a 'smart person.' My friends and I, in middle school, would wear jeans and hoodies everyday and were very focused on our schoolwork, keeping to ourselves. But at nerd camp, I was introduced to all of these different kinds of very creative, smart people; which is something I had never encountered before. I remember there was this one girl dancing by herself on the quad, dancing with her entire heart to this song that was very important to our camp; and it made me realize that I could be different. I wanted to care less and live more. After that I became much more experimental with how I dress and with the poetry I create. I've always thought of myself as a poet. But now I continue to challenge myself in creative outlets like that. It's so easy to reach a point where you feel comfortable, but I think it's important not to limit yourself when it comes to your creative potential."

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