HORU January 9, 2016


(2/2) "I recently just graduated. Through all that's come beforehand, I've learned not to feel shame. I had a lot of problems coming out of the closet too, but once I came out, I realized there's no shame to feel. And, you know, there's a lot of inherent shame in essentially being an orphan too, because my mom stayed in Brazil and my dad was elsewhere. But coming from a dysfunctional house, a more nonexistent family, I've learned that I don't really need family to be happy. Family, it's just DNA, and I never really liked the term 'friends and family.' To me, I'll always prefer a family of friends. I've never really been able to depend on family, but I can always depend on my friends for moral support. And that's special. It's the cheapest thing to give, but it's the most valuable thing a friend can offer."

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