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HORU January 9, 2016


(1/2) "I grew up in Newark in the iron-bound section and moved to Brazil when I was nine, where my parents divorced and had a long, lengthy custody battle. After finally returning to Newark when I was 13, I moved to Point Pleasant soon after, down the shore. There I was abandoned by my dad. When he left, I was 16. I took care of my younger brother for a few years. We had the house to ourselves, but my dad; he'd come once a week, drop some money off and with that, I'd have to cook and clean and take care of my brother. Then finally the relief came when I came to college. It's cliché, I know, but I'd say Rutgers kind of made me into the person I am because it allowed me to not be a stay-at-home-mom or stay-at-home dad, which I was. In order to make it here, when I was a freshman, I took out a bunch of loans, and my dad paid for some of it. By my sophomore year, he paid less and I took out more loans. By my junior year, he pretty much stopped helping and I took out even more. Senior year, even less so, but I moved off campus and that was much cheaper so I was able to save some money."

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