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Realistic New Year’s Resolutions

While New Year’s Eve usually brings parties, the new year itself offers bright opportunities for change and improvement. Every year, thousands of people tweet or post Facebook statuses about how they plan to reinvent or improve themselves in the new year. Authentic New Year’s resolutions should be practical enough that you’re more likely to stick with them, and less likely to loosen your commitment. Here is a list with a few examples of unrealistic New Year’s resolutions and the more attainable goals you should actually strive toward.

Unrealistic goal: Lose 30 pounds in one month
Realistic goal: Exercise and eat healthy on a daily basis

College is notorious for its unhealthy food options, as greasy foods and sugary sodas are available in every dining hall. These options coupled with minimal down time makes it easy to think there’s no time for exercise. Free an hour of your day to hit up one of the many gyms on campus and combine that with health-conscious eating habits. You’ll find that you’re shedding those pounds without torturing yourself.

Unrealistic goal: Stop partying completely
Realistic goal: Limit how much you go out

Let’s face it, a big part of the college experience is your social life. If you find yourself walking down College Avenue looking for a party most nights of the week, you may want to step back and rethink your decisions. It is okay to have a social life and go out with your friends, but if you want to cut back on all that partying, spend your weekdays in "Club Alex" and your weekends at Knight Club.

Unrealistic goal: Get involved in every club and organization
Realistic goal: Learn to step out of your comfort zone

Going into college, you’re constantly hearing about how the next four years will be even better if you’re involved in a club. Not to mention they will build your resume, but that doesn’t mean you have to join every one of them and overwhelm yourself. Learn to step out of your comfort zone and join one or two organizations you have little knowledge about. You may just figure out what your true passions are and what you really want to be involved with.

Unrealistic goal: Save a lot of money
Realistic goal: Be attentive to your spending habits 

Paying your term bill is expensive enough, but combining that with pointless spending here and there can put a strain on your bank account. Rather than forbidding yourself from spending money on anything, learn to create a budget and be a savvy shopper. Opt for cheaper brands and only spend money on necessities.

Unrealistic goal: Be viewed as an overall good person
Realistic goal: Do one nice gesture everyday

Although this is a positive goal, it is a bit too broad to be followed consistently and can be fairly relative. Eventually, due to the lack of specificity, you’ll stem away from being a better person, lose interests in other's opinions and go back focusing on just yourself. If you make an active decision to preform one nice gesture a day, whether that’s tutoring a friend, waving hello to a stranger or volunteering for a good cause. You’ll find your daily routine of performing positive gestures reshaping your outlook on life and how others view you.

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