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Enjoy Southern barbecue at Brother Jimmy's


You can't help but notice the bright, red fluorescent BBQ sign directly across the street from Jimmy John’s with its flamboyant southern-style decor lighting up the storefront of Brother Jimmy’s on Easton Avenue. 

When you walk into the restaurant, the first thing you see is a bright, blue sign that says “Put some south in yo’ mouth,” as you are greeted by a hostess. The sign is hanging on a wall of Jack Daniel’s labeled barrels, in a room full of arcade style games, a photo booth and the bar and dining room.

The ambiance of the bar itself is pretty attention grabbing. Investments into the furnishings and the overall appearance of the restaurant are quite prevalent. Drinks are served in mason jars, everything is furnished wood and the music is southern. The bar area is clearly the largest portion of the establishment, consisting of about 20 seats, three booths and a sizable amount of standing room. The entire bar area is also covered in Rutgers University memorabilia decorations like vintage, signed football jerseys and Big Ten flags.

The staff was very polite and has a very relaxed, easy-going attitude, which is comforting. It doesn't seem like there are any uniforms, which speaks to the relaxed nature of the restaurant. They were all dressed in blue jeans and different colored flannels. 

The menu was only one page long and isn’t all that original in terms of content. Listed was various southern style appetizers, such as hush puppies, quesadillas and wings, which ranged from $7.75 to $10.25. Burgers, pulled pork sandwiches and spicy cheesesteaks all listed around $10 with a choice of sides. There were a few entrees listed of is they call it "Southern specialties", such as the Fried Chicken Dinner, but that was a whopping $17.95.

I decided to save some cash and order off of the "Lunch Specials" menu. I ended up trying the Pulled Pork Wrap, which was served with a side of seasoned mac and cheese, slaw and pickles. The wrap itself was on the small side, but the quality of the food is nothing I can complain about. The pork was juicy, flavorful, and the pickles in the wrap gave it a little zest. In all honesty though, the mac and cheese tasted very generic, like something you could get anywhere.

I got this whole meal for $8.95. 

The next item I decided to try were the BJ's Sliders, which was also from the Lunch Specials menu. The BJ's Sliders come with two sliders and can be ordered as regular burgers, turkey burgers, buffalo chicken, brisket, pulled pork or pulled chicken. They are all served with a decent portion of french fries as well to satisfy your potato needs. I decided to go with the buffalo chicken, which included a blue cheese spread that was very strong in taste. The french fries were delectable and heavily seasoned for a pleasant surprise. 

Once again, the portion could have been larger considering you are only given two sliders and a handful of french fries. The drink portion of the menu listed 12 signature cocktails ranging from $10 to $12, 21 bottled beers, five canned beers, 20 rotational beers on tap and 16 different whiskeys. Although the drinks seemed to be more on the expensive side, according to the bartender, night life and sporting events seem to help the place make the majority of it’s money, not off of the food.

Brother Jimmy’s seems to be a fun place to go out with a group of friends for a night out, but definitely not for a nice, big dinner. Although the food portions are small, the bar is Rutgers friendly and advertises the University all over the bar area. Wednesdays are Rutgers appreciation night, where a Rutgers ID gets you 25% off any food item. 

If you are in need of new bar to try during the next big Rutgers sporting event, give Brother Jimmy’s a try.


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