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Eat This, Not That: Brower Edition


Healthy eating can be a challenge for college students, especially if you're living on campus. With options such as fast food and the dining halls often the only things available, picking not so great food choices is a common, unfortunate occurrence. It is always a recipe for disaster since students are in a rush from class to class. Put down the chips and read these tasty tips on what to eat and what to ditch in the Rutgers Brower Commons dining hall.

1. Eat This:

Two hard-boiled eyes with oatmeal and melon.

    Not That:

French toast sticks drenched in maple syrup.

2. Eat this:

A big salad with assorted vegetables and grilled chicken. If you're feeling adventurous, add some baked brown rice on the side. Skip the dressing, trust me. That depletes the purpose of eating a salad.

    Not this:

A greasy slice of pizza, especially pepperoni.

3. Eat This:

Salmon minus the butter, with fresh green beans and broiled tomatoes.

    Not this:

Baked macaroni and cheese with a barbecue pork ribettes sandwhich.

4. Eat This: 

A bowl of yogurt with granola and fruit.

    Not That:

Blueberry crumb cake 

5. Eat This:

A bowl of Cheerios or other lightly sweetened cereal.

   Not That:

Peach chip muffin and other assorted baked goods.

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