HORU February 1, 2016


(2/3) "Coming back in the Spring, after taking time off and going into treatment, I thought I was prepared. I was doing well, but for some reason I was still having this really anxious feeling. And this feeling grows. At that moment, I didn't realize it was turning into more of a panic disorder. I was coming back and feeling great, I was an RA, I was with Big 10, I was doing all of these things and then last Fall, I almost had to drop out of school. That's when I took a break. I actually got to go to Middlesex because one of my mentors provided me with a scholarship. But it was hard because Rutgers was my home. So not only did I feel like a failure because I couldn't graduate on time, I just didn't feel like I was doing anything right. I had lost everything. But when I took the time off in the Fall, I realized how grateful I am to still be here. I still have a chance at an education, and not everyone has that. And to me, what I've realized is, this word of regret; there's no such thing. Because at the end of the day, you learn. So even though I may take longer because I was actually diagnosed with a disability, it's okay because I'm still taking my time. I'd rather finish and still be the first person in my family to actually graduate from college, which is huge for my identity, than to actually give up."

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