HORU February 1, 2016


(3/3) "What's important is how you compare yourself to yourself; not comparing yourself to someone else. You never know what other people may be going through. And that's been my hardest battle. But I'm very happy to say that I'm back this semester. And now I'm restarting what I've left behind. And I'm just really excited to still be at Rutgers pursuing my dream no matter how long it'll take. To me, whatever legacy you leave; it's about how you value your impact. So to me, I don't need a statue, I don't care about a plaque. It's the students that I see walking around happy and thriving that I care about. When you're really down in the rut, you start internalizing bitterness and you're so stressed and so anxious, but it's really been a transformative experience because I'm realizing it's all for a purpose. You never lose, you always learn. And not enough people understand that."

To read (Part 4) and to learn more about Luis' story and how he's continuing to leave his MARK here at Rutgers, visit:

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