HORU February 29, 2016


(2/3) "My dream was always to go to the NFL, retire and become a sports broadcaster. And I was going to do whatever I needed to do to get there. I was a year and a half away before my injury happened. It was October 16th, 2010, right in the middle of the season and right when my junior year was starting. I had fractured my C3 and C4 vertebrae and was completely out of it. They told me I was paralyzed from the neck down, that I'll never walk again, I'll never breathe on my own, that I'll be on a ventilator for the rest of my life, and that I'll never eat solid foods again. My mom was really distraught from it all. And I kind of remember this, and I kind of don't, but right before the surgery I said, 'I'll be back.' And after I said that to her, everyone had a positive mindset and I received just so much support. I then realized I wouldn't be playing football anymore, and that I still had two more years of college left. So through physical therapy and taking classes via Skype only a couple months after my injury, I knew I had to finish up and get that degree."

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