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Rutgers Art History group connects students with like-minded individuals

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Students in the Rutgers Art History Student Association meet to discuss various aspects of the field and take trips to various museums, including the Zimmerli Art Museum, the Princeton Art Museum and several institutions in Washington D.C.

Students serious about or simply interested in art have a place to share their passion at the Rutgers Art History Student Association (RAHSA.)

The RAHSA is a campus organization dedicated to providing a community for all students who enjoy art and art history, according to

The aim of the organization is to provide an environment for students to express their opinions, ideas and current issues about the field. They offer members information about internships, job opportunities, study abroad and provide networking opportunities, according to the website.

They provide free trips to art related events such as museums, galleries and lectures, and they also promote the Zimmerli Art Museum. 

Elijah Reiss, a School of Arts and Sciences junior, joined RAHSA because he is an art history major and wanted to find a community of students who shared the same passion in the field as he does.

“I wanted to find people whom I could freely discuss and debate art with, while enjoy the differing opinions and perspectives,” he said.

But the organization is open to all and does not only target art majors, Reiss said.

“It is not some exclusive club that only allows entrance to those studying in the department,” he said. “At every meeting, we get students from all over the University community, and they bring their colorful knowledge and charisma to the table. It makes for a very enjoyable environment.”

The RAHSA meets every other week to discuss a chosen topic in the world of art history, Reiss said.

“We have discussed periods of art, styles of art, performance art and even our least favorite types of art,” he said. “You get to hear everyone’s opinion, and often there are heated debates between students. We also organize trips to museums and other art related locations.”

Diego Atehortua, a board member of RAHSA and a School of Arts and Sciences sophomore, said their meetings are informal, yet thematic. Members discuss a range of topics, such as their favorite colors and what angers or disturbs them.

The Art History Student Association’s main goal is to spread an interest for art history throughout the University community, Reiss said. The organization wants to reach out to students who “are on the fence about art history,” and also those who have never taken an art history course at Rutgers.

In the future, Atehortua would like to see the Art History Student Association more socially and creatively involved with the New Brunswick community.

“This semester we are planning a graduate panel with curators, art history professors and current graduate students, as well as other alumni who work in a related field,” he said. “We are also planning a trip to the Zimmerli's Morse Research Center, and possibly to the Philadelphia Museum of Art.”

They would also like to organize more trips with proper funding, Reiss said.

“Last semester, we had a trip to the Princeton University Art Museum and a day trip to Washington D.C.,” he said. “To be able to go on more trips and reach out to more students would be excellent accomplishments for this spring semester.” 


Noa Halff is a School of Arts and Sciences sophomore with an undeclared major. She is an associate news editor for The Daily Targum. Follow her on Twitter @NoaHalff for more.

Noa Halff

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