Serving alcohol for psychiatric service shows hypocrisy of bill

Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor,

Quick catchup in case you didn’t read the news last week, Rutgers students can now aspire to buy alcohol in High Point Solutions Stadium, all in the good name of funding on-campus psychiatric services. Don't get me wrong — I completely support the funding of psychiatric services, which are invaluable to the student body. But the notion that students buying alcohol to fund those services is ridiculous. On-campus psychiatric services includes rehabilitation for alcohol usage and abuse. It is hypocrisy to fund those services by alcohol consumption. On-campus psychiatric services aren’t funded enough by our ever-growing tuition rates? If that really is the case, the Rutgers administration needs to appropriately divide their budgets to include on-campus psychiatric services. It is not our responsibility as students to pay Rutgers more money to secure on-campus psychiatric services — that privilege was already promised when I enrolled. If it is in fact the case that on-campus psychiatric services don’t have enough funding, that is the implicit fault of the ever-growing and highly salaried administrative staff at Rutgers.

When I first heard about the bill, I thought it was a joke. But then the harsh reality set in. This new bill must really be the limit of the Rutgers University Student Assembly's power to change. I think that the majority of Rutgers students want more than just greater accessibility to alcohol — I don’t speak for all of us, but I am sure that lowering tuition rates would benefit many more students. If anything, the bill will be detrimental to Rutgers students. If RUSA really wants to represent their student body, maybe they should poll the students to learn their grievances and hopes for Rutgers.

Max Zandstein is a Rutgers School of Nursing junior.

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