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10 winter necessities every college kid needs


The weather outside is unpredictable. Honestly, you may actually feel the cool, icy touch of Jack Frost. If this applies to you, boy, do I have a list for you. Everyone always wonders, what are the necessities one must have during these bone chilling days? 

1. A warm, toasty coat 

We get it, some of you want to be cool and pretend that you're invincible to the cold.  No matter what the weather is like, you need a freaking jacket during this weather. Even when it's warm, it's not that warm where you should wear shorts or a short sleeve shirt. If you want to be cool, get a practical leather jacket, but the key word here is practical. I have now officially become my mother.

2. Rain boots

Rain boots are marvelous creations sent down from the heavens. They can double as snow boots, and look super cute for both genders. 

3. A snack

Our metabolisms are faster than average in the winter. Just kidding, eat a snack because they're freaking delicious and it passes the time.

4. Jam-out to some banging tunes

 Everyone should have a playlist to rock out to while sunbathing in the winter sun. Personally, I adore the playlist I made entitled “F#*k It.” It really is an inspirational piece.

5. A watch to know when to make it to the bus stop

Because the buses suck, no matter what the weather is like.

6. Rutgers App

On the days you just can't get the timing right, this will help you avoid the what-seems-like-an-hour wait for the bus. 

7. A noble friend

Who says you have to be miserable in the weather alone? Promise them food, that always works.

8. Coffee or a sugary beverage

While you said you went to bed last night at 11 p.m., we all know you laid in bed, watched Netflix, played on your phone and waited until it was almost the crack of dawn.

9. A snazzy outfit — or sweatpants 

Because you do you.

10. Finally, a nice bottle of wine 

Nothing says "Screw you winter!" like getting a cork screw out of your wine bottle. Forget about that term paper and mid-term exam you have coming up and chillax. 

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