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HORU April 5, 2016

"My mom has always driven me to work as hard as I do. She's a very special person. She's worked so hard, even now, just so all my siblings and I could get a good education and finish college. She works 15 hours a day sometimes, and that's hard. That's what drives me. I'm always running back and forth from classes and activities, from my work here at Targum, to my internship and my position as a research assistant too; all while trying to get good grades. But it never amounts to what she's done in a day. I work hard and stay focused because I don't want all of the hard work that my parents have gone through to be for nothing. Unfortunately for my mom, working was more of a means to make sure that we had a secure life. She grew up in poverty so she didn't want us to go through the same thing. But for me, I work hard to make my parents proud, and I do it because I enjoy it. The Targum is fun. The things that I'm doing here are because I want to learn, and because I want to better myself. So in some ways, I'd say I'm a workaholic. And it's tough sometimes. But I'm honestly really glad that I'm diligent in what I do."

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