HORU April 7, 2016

"We started working for The Daily Targum in 1989, and it's just always been a family. It might not be Greek Life but it's definitely its own little sorority-fraternity on campus. And through the years, we've seen all of these students just grow and progress, and some of our very own have gone on to do pretty amazing things. Becky Quick, who was Editor-in-Chief, she went on to moderate a recent presidential debate. Our own Bumper DeJesus is now the multimedia editor for The Star Ledger, winning several Emmy's along the way. Among others, these people were Targumites. And these were the ones who would come in very quietly, kind of hesitant. But it didn't take long until they really seemed to mature and grow into their own. And I think that's part of the beauty of Targum. It allows the students to grow in a very caring atmosphere. And we get to see new people come in and learn and go through this process all the time. Things have changed over the years, from the multimedia we use to the students who work here, but the Targum is really part of our being at this point. And it's an essential part of Rutgers University. It's the student voice, and that's a voice that deserves to be heard."

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