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Rutgers sees 38 percent increase in job postings, graduates have 5.2 percent greater chance of being employed

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Students graduating in 2016 will have an easier time in the job market, according to a report released by the National Association of Colleges and Employers. The national hiring outlook for outgoing seniors has risen 5.2 percent since last year.

Graduates should keep their heads and their outlooks up after they leave the University this year.

College students graduating in 2016 have a 5.2 percent greater chance of getting hired, according to a survey conducted by the National Association of Colleges and Employers this spring.

According to a press release issued by the Rutgers University Career Services (UCS), full-time job postings to CareerKnight saw a 38 percent increase.

“When the hiring outlooks are trending up, of course things open up for students about to graduate,” said Janet Jones, director of employer relations for UCS.

In order to determine the amount of change in the hiring outlook for graduates, the UCS looks at employer activity, she said.

University Career Services also evaluates the on-campus interviewing program, which has employers interview students at the Busch Student Center, she said.

Increases in hiring for internships and the conversion rate of internships into a full-time employment also exist, she said. 

UCS is seeing employers implement a strategy for full-time, entry-level hiring by building a talent pipeline, Jones said. Employers start by identifying talented first and second-year students and hire them for internships. They later groom them for a post-graduation position, she said.

“This level of investment from employers is an indicator of a positive hiring outlook,” Jones said.

Recent trends show workers are retiring, and the demand for workers is increasing, Jones said. Retiree relocations may also create a shift in demand for hiring by geographic region. 

Hiring trends may also shift because of increased demand for skill sets in emerging fields, she said.

“What we have seen is that employers are not necessarily hiring for a particular major, but rather are looking for the right combination of skill set, academic excellence, demonstrated leadership and relevant experience,” she said.

Emmelie Rodriguez, a School of Arts and Sciences senior, will be working for Spanish Broadcast Systems after graduating in October 2016.

“My dream job is to work with a talented team that incorporates songs into commercials, television shows and movies, while building long-lasting relationships with people in the media industry,” Rodriguez said.

Rodriguez interned for her future employer before being offered a full-time job.

Early into her internship, Rodriguez was called in to attend a meeting attended by some of the company's leading executives, Rodriguez said.

“A couple minutes before the meeting began, I confidently introduced myself and caught the attention of the executives,” she said. “They say that my courage that day is what landed me the job I have today."

She is now an account executive at the company.

“I think it is great that the hiring outlook for graduates has increased,” she said. “I feel that companies appreciate how hard working and dedicated college students (and) recent graduates are once they enter the real world."

Current students should avoid jobs that they feel will not help them in the future, she said.

Kelly Petillo, Rutgers Business School senior, will be working her dream job in June when she starts full-time at Citi Financial as a sales and trading analyst.

Petillo was mentored by Marilyn Clark, head of the United States equity sales at Citi Financial and a Rutgers University alumna, while in the Road to Wall Street Program in May 2015, she said.

Clark helped Petillo network at Citi Financial, Petillo said.

“During the Road to Wall Street program I learned the importance of building meaningful connections while networking and staying in touch with these connections throughout your professional career,” Petillo said.

She also interned at Macquarie Group, an Australian investment bank.

Her business fraternity, Delta Sigma Pi, helped her develop the skills necessary to land the role, she said. While part of Delta Sigma Pi, Petillo has been involved in networking sessions with places like Citibank and L'Oreal. She has also attended on-campus networking events with banks such as Goldman Sachs and Prudential.

Students currently looking for a job should network with Rutgers alumni using LinkedIn and at events, she said.

“Join clubs and take an active role in them, gain real world experience through internships and keep your grade point average as high as possible,” she said.

Jessica Herring is a School of Arts and Sciences senior majoring in journalism and media studies and minoring in English. She is a staff writer at The Daily Targum. She can be found on Twitter @Jesslindsey93.

Jessica Herring

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