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HORU May 12, 2016

"I've been here almost 25 years and I can tell you that there are genuine cycles that often follow the global politics or economics in the world. I've known classes which have come out in very challenging times, and they've been somewhat pessimistic about the future. I've known classes which have thought that maybe their lives would not be as good as their parents'. But what they often realize, I think, is that these things come around again, and it's just really extraordinarily exciting to be here at a time when the opportunities for the class graduating this year, at this time and with this education, is just really unparalleled in a generation. And one thing I often think about this time of year is that after you graduate, you might go out, and you'll travel the world and you'll meet new people, and you'll have new adventures, find new work and have different times in your life; but you'll also realize that once you go out, you can travel the whole world and you will, in many ways, never find what you first found here."

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