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HORU May 16, 2016

"My father passed away at a very young age, so growing up, I was surrounded by the 3 women in my house; my mom and my two sisters. Being the first one to graduate a 4 year college and to be the only male figure in my home is so meaningful to me and my family. There were a few people up there today whose fathers were able to give them their awards. A few men who work for Rutgers were able to see their children and their students graduate. And that was so special to see because while my father was never here to do that, I envisioned him being here today and being proud of me. I'm all about the moment and enjoying the present, so as these thoughts were going through my mind, I stood my ground and took it all in. It was very touching, and I really do appreciate all of my time spent here. It's been real."

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