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HORU June 16, 2016


(3/3) "I think mental illness is something that touches everybody in some way. And yet, at the same time, it's so easily brushed aside. People always say to treat someone with depression just like they have diabetes. And it's really not the same thing. I'm still in the process of learning everything there is to learn. But after working around here and doing more research for a couple years, I want to go into a PhD program for clinical psychology. And I specifically want to work with younger groups of people dealing with anxiety, OCD and depression. It's so much easier to help someone when they're younger because their mind is so malleable. And not in the manipulative way, but in a way where they can learn so much more and where they're not as closed off to learning new ways of looking at the world. This work has been another thing pushing me toward getting better myself too. And I think that's important because it would be hypocritical of me to be helping other people overcome their fears and anxieties if I can't even overcome my own. So if I really want to do this, I also have to be there for myself."

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