HORU June 22, 2016

"Since starting my co-op with Johnson & Johnson back in January, I've had my hands on one of the biggest and most rewarding projects within their pharmaceutical distribution company, JOM. It's an eco-cooler program where we've established a reusable shipping solution to send to pharmacies, hospitals and other customers too. Through this program, we've already eliminated over 450,000 pounds of garbage from the waste stream. That's hundreds of trucks that didn't have to get dumped in a landfill. I've been working on the analytics behind all of this, proving the business case that although it may not be as efficient as other shipping solutions, from the green perspective it makes much more sense and it is definitely a viable solution. We've invested a lot of money in this so far. And by the time I leave, they'll have the framework ready for really getting this out there and for investing a whole lot more into this new program."

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