HORU June 30, 2016

"I remember blowing out my 15 candles at my quincea–era like it was just yesterday. Then 18 came, and now I'm turning 23 in August. And 25 is right there. I used to envision myself, at this age, so well put together and far beyond where I am right now. In community college I was so motivated, I got honor roll, I had two internships at the same time and my parents could hardly recognize me. The high school Caroline who was the biggest procrastinator, who had no motivation and who didn't care about school was now this new person who loved to learn and loved to write, and who loved putting herself out there. But even today, I feel like I need to find her and get her back. It's just hard to keep that momentum going. Right now I'm interning as a recruiter at Randstad Professionals, helping people find jobs. But I'm still trying to find what makes my soul sing. My parents are my biggest supporters and they're my greatest motivators. My mom tells me every day, 'You have so much potential. You have something different and I see it. But it makes me mad that while you know your worth, your mind isn't letting you go there.' But that's because I'm not the same anymore. I have a different perspective on life. I'm trying to find the old Caroline, but also find the new me and mend them together. And this push from my parents, and from professors at a time when I'm close to graduating; it only makes me want to rise even further and prove to myself that I can do it."

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