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HORU July 14, 2016

"When I was in high school, I started to have a lot of health problems. I was playing travel soccer, I was a runner and I was very into dance. But tumors kept me from staying active. I didn't have cancer and I don't have cancer now, but it was still very grueling. And after surgeries, appointments and having to quit all that, I realized that music and the music community started to mean a lot more to me. Right now I'm interning at Columbia Records. And they're just so excited to actually hear our ideas and care about our insight. It's really special. But what helped get me here was working with local bands and working for a non-profit called Living The Dream Foundation too. We bring sick kids to concerts and hang out with their favorite bands. They knew my story and took me to Warped Tour before I started working for them myself. And that day was when things really clicked for me. I realized I could do something for people like me who really love music and who need the distraction from all of the heavy, health related obstacles that they deal with. And it's why I love being in this business. Music is very powerful and it's really awesome to get to use a band's following and their platform for something that really matters."

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