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HORU July 27, 2016

"Coming to Rutgers, freshman year was a really big jump for me from where I was in high school, and it was a little bit difficult to keep up with at first. Now after my first year here, I feel incredibly thankful to even have an internship. I've never really had a job before so this has been another big step for me. I'm working for a German chemical company called BASF and more specifically with their information management team. It's been a humbling experience, working with a big company's data, putting together presentations and working on a number of projects. But it's opened my eyes to show me that no matter where I am, I'll always be learning something new. Some of these projects are expected to take about 3 years, so these are long term goals. But we're taking it step by step. One of my coworkers once said to me, 'This may be tedious work right now, but this is going to make such a big difference for the company one day.' And that's made me feel more appreciated as an intern. I'm learning that I like when there's work to be done, and I'm actually a little afraid that I might turn into a workaholic one day, just because I really enjoy it so much. I've been able to work with people who have a diverse knowledge based on all their experiences, and when I look back on this internship, I think it'll be those people that put a smile on my face that I will always remember."

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