COMMENTARY: Khavich has holes in argument

Who would think that an individual, from the left or right, would have the audacity to, in 2016, use ignorant arguments to reduce the demands made by the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement to old clichés we have come to expect out of the mouths of Ann Coulter or Rush Limbaugh? Prior to Monday's fallacy-filled opinion piece by one Aviv Khavich, it would not have been me.

Rather than dissecting Mr. Khavich’s seemingly endless strawman ramblings against the BLM movement, I would like to offer him and his like-minded peers a short public service announcement. First, Mr. Khavich, I would like you to Google the term “structural racism.” I do not mean that sarcastically or pointedly — I really would like you to Google it. Do not feel like you need to dig into the depths of JSTOR to find what I am talking about (although that is where the good stuff is!) A simple Wikipedia skim should do. If you do not see all of your “statistically backed points” blown to smithereens in your investigation into structural racism, I still have hope since you are a sophomore and have plenty of time left at Rutgers. In the case of further confusion or yearning to advocate against people fighting for equality, I will direct you to enroll in “Race Relations” (course number 01:920:306:90 for easy access come spring registration period … see I even did the hard work for you!) Through this course next spring, you will have the opportunity to converse and debate about these issues until you understand that American structural racism has led to every (admittedly well-researched) statistic that you have quoted being founded on inequality. Maybe by the end of the course you will even consider yourself an ally to the BLM movement!

Next, I will ask that you examine your opposition to the protesting of Kaepernick (and other peaceful — silent even — protesters) and also the Movement For Black Lives or DeRay McKesson. I want you to acknowledge that you have objected to both peaceful protesting and a man who “(defends) looting.” In your opinion, Mr. Khavich, is there ANY appropriate way for black people and their allies to protest the oppression that minorities, specifically black people, face in America?

Next, I would recommend that in your future “Self-Evident Truths” you speak for yourself and not for “the rest of the country.” Actually, I am quite curious about what you meant by “rest of the country,” Mr. Khavich. Do you mean people who do not identify as part of the BLM movement? Do you mean people who are not black? Are you implying that people who support BLM inherently are not capable of supporting (support is what I assume you mean by “standing tall for”) police officers? Are you not able to look at the ever-growing list of unarmed (or legally armed) black folks INNOCENTLY SLAYED at the hands of police offers and even begin to understand and empathize with the BLM movement? I digress, Mr. Khavich …


Aven LaRosa is a School of Arts and Sciences junior majoring in anthropology and French.

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