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Society19 magazine expands to Rutgers

Photo Illustration | Society19, a digital magazine that offers fashion tips and lifestyle guides. has expanded its reach to the Rutgers University community.
Photo by Photo by Dimitri Rodriguez | and Dimitri Rodriguez The Daily TargumPhoto Illustration | Society19, a digital magazine that offers fashion tips and lifestyle guides. has expanded its reach to the Rutgers University community.

Society19 recently moved their digital magazine audience to Rutgers students, offering tips ranging from affordable fashion to the best pizza in New Brunswick.

The international digital magazine is the new generation's destination for everything lifestyle, according to their website. 

The organization expanded their readership by beginning a Rutgers chapter because the Society19 national team noticed they could offer information for students that was not available on University websites or a campus tour.

This year, Sabina Azim, social media chair for the Rutgers chapter of Society19, said the organization is focusing on providing valuable guides for the incoming Rutgers class of 2021.

“The reason having a Rutgers chapter is so important is because we can target events that are specific to Rutgers,” the School of Arts and Sciences sophomore said.

She said the Rutgers chapter of Society19 wants to give Rutgers students tips such as rules for partying at Rutgers or game day outfit ideas, but make it specific to Rutgers rather than just a general view.

This allows students to survive and adjust to the college lifestyle, she said.

The organization came together when the national Society19 team saw interested individuals at Rutgers, and brought social media chairs and writers together to create the Rutgers chapter.

“Although we are just a small part of Society 19, our writers work with the national editorial team and are able to gain experience in pitching topic ideas, developing their writing skills and are able to have their articles published on a digital platform that has an international reach,” she said.

Social media chairs work directly with the national marketing team and are able to gain experience in digital marketing, she said. This teaches them specifically how to maximize different social media platforms to reach the correct audience at Rutgers for the articles that are published.

Nikki Iannantuano, a School of Arts and Sciences sophomore, said she loves the fact that Society19 offers something for everyone, especially specific to Rutgers students.

“Since Rutgers is so large and can be scary at first, a small individual chapter creates a sense of community and comfort,” she said.

Iannantuano said she loves the online magazine because it includes articles written by Rutgers students, for Rutgers students.

Iannantuano, who runs the Instagram account for the Rutgers chapter of Society19, said the articles that have been written on the website have proven useful to her and helped her out.

“The content ranges and varies, so it can cater to everyone’s different personality,” Iannantuano said.

Azim said Society19 was a good idea to bring to Rutgers because it can provide students with a publication that they can turn to in order to answer any range of questions honestly, and in an entertaining way.

As a new organization at Rutgers, Azim said one of their main goals is to spread the word about Society19 to students on campus.

“We want Society19 to become a magazine that is familiar to all Rutgers students so that we can attract more writers and a larger audience for our articles,” Azim said.

Society19’s main goal overall is to establish chapters at more schools across the country and abroad and eventually become an official organization on these campuses, Azim said. Society19 has position available for writers and is looking for an Editor-in-Chief.

“Being a part of the Society19 team is a great opportunity to gain writing, publishing and social media experience to put on your resume,” Azim said.

Sophie Nieto-Munoz is a School of Arts and Sciences senior majoring in journalism and media studies and Italian. She is an associate news editor for The Daily Targum. You can find her on Twitter @snietomunoz for more.