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Eagleton Institute informs students about political issues prior to election

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The Eagleton Institute of Politics is informing students about the various issues that surround this year’s election, with experts providing commentary on each of the different topics.

Students can keep up with the upcoming presidential election with help from the Eagleton Institute of Politics.

Providing a connection between political studies and the daily practices they serve in a real world setting is their goal, according to their website.

The Eagleton Institute of Politics navigates and researches political topics, ranging from campaigns, elections and various political parties. It provides public polling, civic education and political engagement.

The Eagleton Center for Polling, established in 1971, is a University-based survey research center that provides information, non-profit organizations, media and University faculty and staff.

They provide New Jersey state information such as the approval ratings of its Governor Chris Christie, which can be found on their site. They provide graphs on overall job approval, positive trait perceptions, negative trait perceptions, job grade and emotions of the public.

“We feel very responsible to the on-campus and off-campus community at Rutgers and to the general public for producing high-quality unbiased research and sharing that,” said Ruth Mandel, director of the Eagleton Institute of Politics at Rutgers University and Board of Governors Professor of Politics.

In order to makes sense of political issues to students, the Eagleton Institute has professors that tackle each subject, she said.

One of these issues is climate change and is taught by Robert Kopp, an associate professor in the Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences and an associate director of the Rutgers Energy Institute.

Kopp recently did a Q&A at Rutgers Today where he analyzed how Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump address climate change.

The Eagleton Institute is partnering with RU Voting to hold another watch for the second presidential debate which will occur on Oct. 9 at The Yard on College Avenue.

Another program instilled by the Eagleton Institute is called “RU Talking To Me?" which provides students with general information on political campaigns and news articles on youth votership.

The research conducted by RU Voting examines political candidates and media outlets about issues that are relevant to young adults.

The Eagleton Institute uses social media and press releases to generate interest in the research they do.

One of their Twitter accounts, @EagletonPoll, provides public interest polling information and unbiased analysis. Another,@Eagleton_RU, entices political engagement and provides information on the 2016 Presidential election and NJ government issues.

Hernan Guarderas is a School of Arts and Sciences senior, majoring in journalism and media studies. He is a contributing writer for The Daily Targum. See more on Twitter @hguarderas93.

Hernan Guarderas

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