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WEEK IN REVIEW: Laurels and Darts | Oct. 21, 2016



Rutgers University has opened up about their leftover food from dining halls. Rutgers Dining Services first inspects left-over food to see which food is appropriate for reutilization and then these food items are collected and then transported to a facility. These donations eventually end up in local food pantries and soup kitchens. We laurel the dining services for taking the initiative to not waste food and to help those in need.


Shocking photos taken on university campuses around the nation are circulating the internet. Students from the University of North Dakota, Quinnipiac University and Kansas State University shared racist photos and captions including the use of blackface and racial slurs. A representative of Rutgers blames the popularity of these photos on social media and its prevalence on college campuses. We dart these students for sharing discriminatory and insulting pictures.


Rutgers University Behavioral Health Care's Child Division is receiving $2 million to create a Children's Center for Resilience and Trauma Recovery. The University is hoping to use these centers to train existing and new childcare providers to help better assist the students who have experienced traumatic life experiences. We laurel RUBHC for taking a step toward the improvement of mental health consideration in classrooms.


Rutgers’ students have voiced their complaints about the brown discoloration of water in university facilities. The brown water is the result of New Brunswick flushing out the fire hydrants. Although the water was deemed to be safe, students were unaware that the city would be flushing the water. We dart the University for not alerting its students about the brown water.


UndocuRutgers, a new student organization at the university is working to extend support and advice to undocumented students in Rutgers—New Brunswick. Undocumented students and documented students alike have joined the club to share their support for students who are undocumented. We laurel UndocuRutgers for helping their fellow students cope with their current residency status.


A report from Safety Matters reveals that there was a general increase in rape cases from 2013 to 2015. Schools are also being investigated for allegedly mishandling harassment cases and not including them in listed reports that are given by the Education Department. Although we are glad that more students are coming forth with their stories, we dart the fact that sexual assault is still so prevalent on college campuses.

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