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WEEK IN REVIEW: Laurels and Darts | Oct. 28, 2016



Rutgers University students dressed up in white wedding gowns and makeup resembling bruises and cuts as part of the New Brunswick Domestic Violence Awareness Coalition's annual rally. The "brides," who carried protest signs, walked as representations of the women who have been abused in marriages. Those who were involved in the rally spoke of how the experience affected their perspective on domestic violence. We laurel these students for raising awareness for such a grave issue.


This past weekend, two robberies occurred in New Brunswick. It was later revealed that four male perpetrators stole a cellphone from a Rutgers community member. The other robbery involved another Rutgers member. This person was hit in the face. According to the police department, the information available on the incidents is limited. We dart the public safety officials for not creating a safer environment for the students.


The Mountain View Project Student Organization held a demonstration Thursday night outside of Brower Commons to raise awareness about solitary confinement. They wanted to bring awareness to the fact that inmates without a high school diploma are more likely to spend time in solitary confinement than other prisoners. We laurel the Mountain View Project Student Organization for being adamant on raising awareness for this pressing issue.


On Tuesday, anti-immigrant phrases were written on the sidewalks of the Livingston and College Avenue campuses. Phrases such as "Viva la deportation" and "Deport force coming" were written. The University spokesperson, Jeffrey Tolvin, stated that the messages were protected under the category of free speech and that there was not going to be any criminal investigation. We dart the University officials for not taking a stronger stand against hateful speech that targets other students of ethnic backgrounds.


The Rutgers March of Dimes Collegiate Council hosted one of their two major events this semester. On Oct. 26, the council hosted its annual date auction, "A Date in Disguise." This event allowed Rutgers students to have a chance to bid on dates. All of the proceeds from the auction will be going to research for premature birth and to offer support to families that experience its affects. We laurel this chapter for creating a fun event to help raise money for an important cause.


Trojan, the condom company, has released their annual Sexual Health Report Card. The report indicated that Rutgers University has dropped 18 places in their ranking. This report card is based on the quality of resources, sexual health information, contraceptive availability and testing for sexually transmitted diseases. We dart the University for stepping up in sexual health as other universities have. 

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