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WEEK IN REVIEW: Laurels and Darts | Oct. 7, 2016



Thaakat is an Urdu word meaning "strength," and strength is what one Rutgers organization is demonstrating. The Rutgers chapter of the Thaakat Foundation is working with schools in Pakistan and Ghana, as well as a maternity ward in Sierra Leone, to provide them with additional funds for their processes. The Rutgers chapter of the Thaakat Foundation also conducts local projects at Elijah's Promise. We laurel their work in addressing gender balance issues and fundraising for organizations in need. 


Alleged clown sightings all over New Jersey, and now Rutgers, are creating a sense of panic — especially over social media sites. Students have claimed that these sightings took place on both the College Avenue and Cook/Douglass campuses. Fear that these masked people will either attack or kidnap students is spreading through the University. We dart whoever is taking part in these activities for making our campuses feel unsafe.


Rutgers alumnus Donald Heilman spoke to the Rutgers University Student Assembly about how they can now access the University's free legal services. These services accommodate a wide variety of cases that are including, but not limited to starting businesses, filing for bankruptcy, divorce for married students, sexual assault, domestic violence and unreturned deposits for off-campus students. We laurel the legal department for providing free legal options for students who need them.


Millennials are more likely to live at home than past generations, according to the Pew Research Center. Other studies show that New Jersey ranks No. 1 in housing costs. Suburban economies all over the country are suffering, and New Jersey is one that's recovering slowly. So it's not uncommon for a Rutgers grad to live at home after four years on the Banks. Times are tough, and we dart the bad economy that's not serving the millennial generation.


Rutgers launched its new Open and Affordable Textbook Project that will provide a grant of $1,000 to the 12 departments that implement free, inexpensive or open-source textbooks in place of the textbooks that they already require students to buy. This is estimated to save students more than $500,000 in per year. We laurel the OAT Project for saving students from overspending on required textbooks and readings.


Cockroaches don't belong in residence halls, but Clothier Hall is currently dealing with a cockroach infestation. Maintenance personnel is addressing with the problem now, but apparently they've known about this issue and other spider-issues, and have done their best to try to solve it by spraying pesticides and vacuuming windows. We dart all the persistent and pesky critters that invade student residence halls.

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