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The horrors of working retail on Black Friday told by Rutgers students

On Black Friday, stores becomes far more chaotic than normal.
Photo by Photo by Andrew De Uriarte | The Daily TargumOn Black Friday, stores becomes far more chaotic than normal.

Not all students are excited about the doorbuster Black Friday shopping sales. 

Clothes are disheveled, customers are rude and lines are extremely long, said Nez Mestari, a School of Arts and Sciences junior. She is a retail worker with the clothing store Express and typically works during the holiday season, though she plans to leave her job after this year.

“It will be my last day working at retail because holiday seasons are just too crazy and not worth the minimum wage," she said. 

Mestari said she predicts the Express location she works at will have a 40 to 50 percent storewide discount this year for Black Friday.

Stella Khezri, a School of Arts and Sciences first-year student, worked at Abercrombie last year on Black Friday. The atmosphere was unpleasant, she said. 

Khezri is not planning to work during the Thanksgiving and Black Friday season this year. If she did, her friends and family would be concerned for her safety.

“I know it’s pretty dangerous to be out on Black Friday,” Khezri said.

Deals offered throughout the year can be just as good as those offered on Black Friday, she said. 

Khezri said she has seen people fighting over shoes in the store. 

“It makes you think, how we can get so primal for something like clothing?" Khezri said.

But Khezri said Abercrombie allows employees to choose their own work days. The store also offers extra pay for working the holidays. 

Katie Colaguori, a School of Arts and Sciences first-year student, worked at Molly and Zoey during the holiday season last year.

“The floor got really crowded and clothes ended up being dispersed everywhere, off the rack and on the ground,” she said.

She also said because of customer traffic, there were not enough workers to smoothly handle and control the situation inside the store.

But her friends and family felt her work on Black Friday would be beneficial for Colaguori, as it would give her additional experience working under pressure. 

Molly and Zoey employees also receive higher wages on Black Friday, she said.

Colaguori said she would not shop on Black Friday and the sales are not worth the trouble. She is also not planning to work this Black Friday or Thanksgiving.

“I think it is very hyped and overrated. I think that people should not build it up so much because it’s not as good as everybody thinks it is. It’s just a big hassle and an annoyance,” Colaguori said.

Samil Tabani is a Rutgers Business School first-year student. He is a contributing writer for The Daily Targum.