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Simple Science: What's the best way to stay warm?

As temperatures drop, people begin to adjust their wardrobes to stay warm. One important aspect of this is keeping the extremities warm. Some ways of doing so include wearing either mittens or gloves, and wearing a hat to keep the head warm.

Gloves wrap each individual finger so a person can keep their grip. For this reason, they are beneficial for handling objects in cold environments, such as buckles and zippers, according to REI, an outdoor equipment manufacturer. 

Alternatively, mittens keep every finger together, allowing the heat generated by them to stay in one area, rather than being dispersed across multiple areas, according to the site.

Contrary to popular belief, a majority of body heat is not lost through the head. The head and chest are most sensitive to temperature changes, but they do not lose more heat than other parts of the body, according to The New York Times.

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