WEEK IN REVIEW: Laurels and Darts | Dec. 9, 2016



The Java and Justice Coffeehouse is an annual event that took place in Trayes Hall at the Douglass Student Center this year. This event, organized by the Peer Academic Leaders of Douglass Residential College, focused on raising awareness of gender-based violence. The event showcased paintings, musical acts and spoken word performances. We laurel the DRC for creating a fun and safe atmosphere to speak about serious issues.


A power outage that occurred on the morning of Dec. 7 led to the inaccessibility of Sakai, eCollege and other Rutgers websites. Although the power was only disconnected for 20 minutes, some students did not regain power for another hour. It was said that the power outage was caused by an accidental disconnection of power. We dart this power outage for causing an inconvenience for students, especially with finals approach.


Rutgers is giving journalism and media studies students the opportunity to travel to Italy to develop and improve their international reporting abilities. This trip, headed by Mary D'Ambrosio, a professor in the Department of Journalism and Media Studies, is a  four-week course that will use Bologna, Italy as the backdrop for creating writing, video-reporting and photographic content about the city. We laurel Rutgers for providing students with the chance to learn about journalism first-hand in Europe.


Research conducted at Rutgers showed that residents of South Jersey receive a smaller share of public goods than those of North and Central Jersey. This study also revealed that South Jersey had higher violent crime rates, fewer bus stop, lower levels of college education, fewer hospital beds per 1,000 residents and a higher proportion of children from low-income families eligible for government assistance. We dart the unequal allocation of public goods for our South Jersey counterparts.


Not Just Yoga is a Rutgers University group that focuses on creating a stress-free environment through the use of breathing techniques and meditation. The group also promotes an increase of consciousness and self-awareness. The group hopes to alleviate the everyday stress that students face. We laurel Not Just Yoga for giving importance to mental health and providing ways for students to de-stress.


The Pew Research Center discovered that millennials are more likely to live in their parent's home than in any other living arrangement. In fact, a census revealed that 47 percent of 18 to 34-year-olds are living at home. This makes New Jersey the state with the highest amount of millennials living with their parents in the United States — because of economic factors and delays in marriage. We dart the state of the economy for delaying our generation's ability to become independent.

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