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LETTER: Public should accept that Trump is president of USA

To the Editor:

I do not like President Donald J. Trump. I did not vote for Trump and I am not particularly happy with the outcome of the election. I did not like most of the words flying out of his mouth or his unrealistic ideas. 

Building a wall is not going to happen because it is a waste of money and would not achieve anything. Saying that Mexican people are “rapists” and “murderers” is simply not true. Women are never to be “grabbed by the p***y.” Not all Muslim people are terrorists. But this letter is not about how bad Trump is, it is about the fact that we are denying that he is our president. Remember in 2008 and 2012, when former-President Barack Obama won and Republicans literally threw a hissy fit? This is the same.

Don’t do the same thing. This letter is not meant to say “suck it up.” By all means, go out and fight him, but do it in a productive way. Contact your Congress representatives to fight against his policies. Participate in protests against what he stands for. Run for office. Do everything in your power to prevent this man from violating your rights. But don’t claim he isn’t our president when he is.

I would love someone to explain to me what is productive about this hashtag? This question is not meant to start a debate, it is one that I do not know the answer to.

Jessica Schoen is a School of Environmental and Biological Sciences junior majoring in Environmental Policy, Institutions and Behavior.

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Jessica Schoen

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