WEEK IN REVIEW: Laurels and Darts | Jan. 20, 2017



A group at Rutgers called Active Minds is leading the way in promoting mental wellness as well as the awareness of mental illness. The group hopes to change conversation regarding mental health on campus by increasing communication, awareness and education. Active Minds also provides information about available resources to those students who live with mental illnesses. We laurel Active Minds for creating a safe space and environment to discuss and aid in such important and prevalent issues.


Thousands of Rutgers employees recently formed unions and filed a claim with the Department of Labor. This claim accused the University of withholding an estimated $500,000 in wages. Rutgers employees are outraged by this violation of federal hour and wage laws. These employees consisted of University-employed housekeepers, clinicians, clerical staff, scientists, doctors, operations and maintenance staff. We dart the University for not taking action to resolve this solution and denying payment to cherished and significant members of the Rutgers community.


Rutgers is receiving the recognition it deserves. Last month, the New Jersey Senate presented Rutgers with a resolution recognizing the University as a "globally esteemed educational institution in the Garden State." University President Robert L. Barchi even traveled to Trenton to receive the honor from the Senate, which consists of alumni from the University. We laurel the New Jersey Senate for bestowing this esteemed and well-deserved honor upon our University.


Research has revealed that New Jersey has the highest number of severely segregated schools in the nation. These schools include student bodies that are less than 1 percent white and are labeled as "apartheid schools." This segregation has been credited to the separation of school districts within New Jersey. This creates an atmosphere where 1 out of every 4 black students in the state attends a school where they never interact with a white student. We dart the New Jersey school system for creating an environment where de facto segregation is still apparent today.


After facing several scandals in recent years due to its water utility system, New Brunswick has decided to allocate $15.5 million for water utility improvements. These improvements range from architectural repairs to filtration enhancements. While these improvements were proposed among the midst of a criminal investigation into two former water utility employees, we laurel New Brunswick for finally taking action to improve our water system.


Rutgers has decided to remove the Cooper Dining Hall bus stop that was previously on Douglass campus. This stop, known as the "Cabaret Theater" stop, was originally the replacement after the original Cabaret Theater bus stop on Nichol Avenue closed for fire safety concerns. The removal of this stop has caused concern amongst the Rutgers student body. Concerns such as safety issues, convenience and time were brought up by students. We dart the Rutgers Department of Transportation Services for bringing such inconvenience into the daily commute of students.

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