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​Avalon’s Declassified Guide: Best chicken nugget countdown


As renowned novelist Jeff Kinney once said, "I'm probably something like 95 percent chicken nuggets." Since its creation in the 1950s, deep-fried chicken meat has captured the hearts and souls of those across the country. Advancements in food science mean chicken nuggets come in many different tastes and forms, from spicy-flavored to dinosaur-shaped. And that means not every nugget is created equal, so Inside Beat is here to guide you to the best ones in New Brunswick.

4) Wendy’s — A Wendy’s nugget is basically a vegetable: lower in sodium and notably fresher compared to its competitors. All of this may sound positive, but assessed against my official nugget rubric system, Wendy’s earns a "D" grading. Breaded, battered and deep-fried chicken meat is meant to be fatty. My golden rule: If it doesn’t give you chest pains, it's not worth eating. Grab these subpar nuggets at the the College Avenue Student Center.

3) Dining Hall — Warning: The last time I consumed a dining hall nugget was two years ago, so this judgement is based on a foggy memory. That said, I remember the Busch Dining Hall takeout nuggets being rubbery and chewy. I'll give these nuggets the Donald Trump review: "Sad!" Find them on all five campuses, but proceed with caution.

2) Popeyes— Expertly spiced with the perfect level of crispiness, Popeye's nuggets are the crème de la crème. These bite-sized pieces of chicken breast are moist and surrounded by a bit more breading than the others on this list. The only thing keeping Popeyes from taking the top spot is the quality of their sauces. Luckily, there's now a Popeye's right on George Street.

1) Burger King — Like the Rutgers community, chicken nuggets are diverse. And Burger King's chicken fries are the best example of the food's variety. Is it a chicken or is it a fry? It already tastes salty and delicious, but that element of mystery intensifies the flavor. And we can finally breath a sigh of relief because after years of slipping on and off the BK menu, these strips of chicken are now a permanent fixture at the chain. I recommend dipping them in the Sweet and Sour sauce for the optimum experience.

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