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Sun, rain or snow, stay at your best with these health tips


It’s difficult enough to try to match your wardrobe to the ever-changing forecast — sunny and 72 degrees one day, snow and below 30 the next — and on top of that, fluctuating weather patterns can take quite the toll on your immune system.

In drastic temperature changes and fickle weather, it’s important to make sure you are doing everything in your power to fuel and protect your body.

Here are a few tips to ramp up your health when the weather begins to wreak havoc:

Keep Hydrated

Yes, this is a given, but always make sure to drink a lot of water to protect your body from any disease. You can also try adding more fruit juices into your diet to increase your Vitamin C intake, which helps kick your immune system into fighting gear.

Drinking several glasses of water also helps to flush out any toxins in your body and absorb needed nutrients. Refill your Cupanion at the dining hall before you leave and remember to drink throughout the day!

Eat Right

By eating a healthy diet, students can not only boost their immune systems, but maintain a healthier weight and overall standard of health. It’s often difficult to make healthier choices in the dining hall, but try to get creative!

Maybe make your own “Brower Bowl” when dining on College Avenue, and include some brown rice, vegetables and a protein of your choice. Voila, watch out Chipotle.

Additionally, there are often healthier dining options close to campus to choose from when going out.

The George Street Co-op, located at 89 Morris St., is a non-profit natural food store, offering fresh organic produce, vitamins and herbs and earth-friendly products. Food items vary from organic cheeses to an extensive gluten-free section, which makes this shop definitely worth checking out!

Mind the weather and your wardrobe

People seem to be most at risk for getting sick during seasonal transitions because the changing weather conditions often catch the body’s regulation systems by surprise. By dressing in layers, you may add and subtract as needed, and help alleviate this toll on your body.

Stay Active

Keeping an active lifestyle not only helps to fight the winter blues, but is also one of the best things you can do for your health — lowers risk of heart disease, controls stress, improves sleep and maintains a healthy weight!

Rutgers offers numerous resources to help students find fun and unique ways to stay active. Join the Rutgers Running Club or another intramural team, bring a friend to the gym or even attend one of various Rutgers Flex Pass classes — now free for students!

By finding your favorite way to stay active, it won’t be seen as a chore, but something you can look forward to!

In case you are feeling below the weather

Fortunately, if you are feeling “under the weather,” you are able to contact Rutgers Student Health and make an appointment at one of the health centers to see a health-care professional.

Either by logging onto the website or calling for a medical appointment, you can quickly schedule an appointment and get better as quickly as possible. Remember, it’s always better to seek help earlier and feel better faster.

Try any and all of these tips to stay healthy during such unpredictable weather — bask in the sun and survive in the snow, but always remember to put your health first!

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