WEEK IN REVIEW: Laurels and Darts | March 31, 2017



Students and families in New Jersey who go to college and are considered to be in the low-income bracket are reported to be offered more financial aid from the state than from the federal grant program. So although schools like Rutgers are known for having high tuition, high aid goes hand-in-hand with this. The Federal Pell Grant Program, on the other hand, only provides a maximum of $5,920 for an award. We laurel New Jersey for stepping up and attempting to provide more aid for its college students.


New Jersey is looking to instill a bill that will limit the amount of money a university can spend on a speaker to $10,000. This limit would include commencement speakers as well. This bill came as a response to the anger over the payment of $32,000 to reality-TV star Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi in 2011. Snooki spoke at two shows holding 500 students each and discussed topics such as tanning, hair styling and fried pickles. We dart Rutgers for originally spending so much money on a speaker whose appearance did not essentially benefit the student body.


The annual "Relay for Life" had more than 600 participants at this year's event. This event is organized by Colleges Against Cancer, which works with college students nationwide to raise money and support for cancer research. "Relay for Life" included live music, speeches from survivors, a basketball tournament and an honorary ceremony for survivors. We laurel the students who organized this event for creating such a warm and welcoming atmosphere for people who are affected by this prevalent issue.


It was reported that between June 2014 and June 2015, Rutgers collected assigned $5 million in parking tickets, but only collected $1 million in citations. Rutgers hands out an average of five and a half tickets per driver on its New Brunswick campus, which is considered much higher than those given out on any other major New Jersey universities. Even its Newark campus does not collect as many tickets. We dart the New Brunswick campus for being so inclined to give out a large number of tickets to those on campus.


"RU Running?" is an annual event hosted by the Eagleton Institute of Politics' Youth Political Participation Program (YPPP) as well as the League of Women Voters of New Jersey's Young People's Network. "RU Running?" works to connect students with other young adults who hold elected public office. They also show methods on how students can enter the political party system. The event tries to make the idea of running for office less intimidating for college students. We laurel for the people behind this event who make the political world viable for everyday students.


Edward J. Bloustein School of Planning and Public Policy Professor Joel Cantor looked at the possible effects that repealing the Affordable Care Act could have. He said that the lack of a replacement plan is one of the biggest concerns. But Cantor also explained that the proposals for the new plan would not guarantee that people would not lose coverage. A new plan would also allow insurers to charge higher premiums to individuals whose coverage has been lapsed. We dart the possible repeal of the Affordable Care Act for not fully addressing the issues and potentially costing people a lot of money.

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